Why Choose Unforgettable Sunny Holidays?


1. We are Sri Lankan citizens and who better than the nationals who know their country better!

2. Our goal is to make friends and give our friends and unforgettable holiday!

3. We have done the foot work, mistakes, planning and research for you and come up with the best solutions so far, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday without the hassles, hard work, mistakes and worry!

4. We are not a large travel company with large overheads, so we can give you the best value for your holidays!

5. We have an experience of 20+ years!

6. Our holidays also take you to places where the average package tourist doesn’t visit. So you can experience much more!

7. We have a passion for travel and are not satisfied, but continually research for more places and ideas to better our holidays!

8. We do not recommend all the information advertised on Hotel websites, but the information we provide are from our personal knowledge. If you notice that any developments have occurred since we visited we would love and appreciate your feedback so we can check them out and add it to our information for the benefit of other friends and guests!

9. We have a variety of holidays to choose from, for the most energetic to the least energetic and leisure oriented. Our accommodation has all the variety, also for those who want a family holiday. We also promote small properties from 2, 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms where you can have for your family only and no one else. Imagine having the pool, friendly staff, star class food and luxury minus the crowds, it is truly a home away from home plus more than what the average package tourists can dream of!

10. You can even choose to cut down on travel time and travel by helicopter, sea plane and small internal flights if you are very busy and pressed for time. For example you can cut down your travel time of 6 Hrs by road to just 55 mins by air or a 1 ½ Hrs by road to just 15 Mins by air. You can also have a beautiful Arial view of your trip something you cannot experience by road travel. You truly will have an unforgettable experience, guaranteed!

11. We have a variety of holiday experiences you can choose, from warm sun & sea to nature – tropical wildernesses & birds, adventure & sports (land & water) – hot air balloon, cycling mountain biking, trekking & hiking, wild life safaris (leopard & elephant), white water rafting, canoeing, even underwater scuba diving to see ship wrecks, fish & corals also golf, family getaways and more!

12. Your holiday will truly be an unforgettable experience and you will keep coming back to experience more!

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