Press release from Tourist Board Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Tourism announces exciting recovery plan

‘Sri Lanka Calls’ is the theme of the exciting recovery plan introduced by stakeholders in the tourist industry in Sri Lanka. The ever resilient industry stakeholders have once again got their act together to launch programme’s and events to capture the imagination of travelers from India, Middle East, Far East, Western Europe, Australia, USA and other key market regions.
Commenting on the plan Hiran Corray, President of the Hotels Association said that “Our aim is to rekindle the exotic image of Sri Lanka with those who know Sri Lanka best. Our tourism resorts are operative as they were always. Except in the North and the East, tourism operations are normal. Our offers are exciting and the new recovery plan demonstrates our determination and resolve to offer the best to our visitors”
Dirk Grigson, President of the Inbound Tour Operators Association said “this initiative is a demonstration of our togetherness in meeting challenges. Our offers are like no other and we look forward to giving your clients and you the best service as always”.
“The airlines are fully with other stakeholders to position and promote Sri Lanka Tourism offers. We are a team that is like no other” said Manoj Gunawardena, President of the Board of Airline Representatives.
Chandana de Silva, Head of Corporate Communications of Sri Lankan Airlines stated that “The national carrier Sri Lankan Airlines, is always with Sri Lanka Tourism when we work together meeting challenges we face.”

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