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The north and east of the island are no longer safe to visit and indeed we advise against travel to these areas.
But Sri Lanka is, and remains, a safe destination for travel as many foreign holiday makers who were here so far have declared.
There is a huge amount of effort going in to reviving the peace process, with massive pressure and support from the international community. We support these efforts to find a peaceful solution as do the vast majority of our Sri Lankans.
It should be stressed that the Tamil Tigers have never made an attack on foreign holiday makers in any of the key tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. In 25 years of conflict no foreign holiday maker has ever been targeted or hurt. It has only been against the Government and armed forces and not against tourists.
In the meantime, Sri Lanka remains a safe and wonderful destination for travel. So you are welcome to enjoy your holidays with peace of mind.


Travel Safety in Sri Lanka
| Sri Lanka travel ban only to the north and east: UK Opens New Window
May 30, 2007 (LBO) – Britain is advising its citizens not to travel to the north and east of Sri Lanka, but they are free to visit other parts of the country, the UK High Commission (embassy) in Colombo said.

Our prime concern is the safety of our holiday makers. We guarantee the following refunds if the appropriate governmental body advises against travel to any of the destinations we offer in the even of cancellation. 100% of the holiday cost one month or more before travel, 90% of the holiday cost less than one month before travel and all recoverable costs during your holiday. This clause overrides other cancellation clauses mentioned.

The arm struggle between the LTTE and the government has been in Sri Lanka for over the last twenty years and tourists have not been targeted and have been here always and no tourists have died so far as a result of the armed conflict. This government recently declared retaliation and has claimed a succession of military victories through air raids and ground movements and have taken effective control of the Eastern province south of Trincomalee. The LTTE say they have ‘tactically withdrawn’ from those previously rebel-controlled areas. Recent attacks have all involved carefully-specified military targets – Habarana Navy convoy, Galle Navy Base, Katunayake Airforce base and tourist resorts or tourists.
But we still do not promote these areas until there is a solution and the armed conflict stopped. The travel industry in Sri Lanka has always been careful to ensure that tourists are not taken to any area which puts them at risk. The western and south western areas are truly safe for holiday makers. However it has to be understood that the risks from terrorism has sadly become a fact of modern life in almost every part of the world. It is the hope of the majority of Sri Lankan’s that the mounting international pressure will force both parties to the negotiating table and a solution to the conflict be found.
On the other hand, other than the north and east other parts of Sri Lanka is safe for tourists and is free of muggers and drive by shootings and is probably a lot safer than countries that have them. There is an increased military presence in the capital and security checkpoints have been increased – but otherwise Colombo operates normally. There is no open conflict around the capital, or indeed in any tourist area, nor is there any likelihood of this. The increasingly-common TV habit of running a reporter’s words about a Colombo incident while showing footage (occasionally old footage) of fighting in the north and east remains misleading journalism which provides a distorted view of the true situation. We expect our holiday makers to be aware of this, and make their judgments accordingly.
There are many holiday makers who bravely keep coming even recently and have enjoyed their holiday. We have details of what these recent holiday makers say below for your consideration.

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June 9, 2007
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