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Is it Safe to Travel to Sri Lanka ?

Sri Lanka was a safe place for Tourism even during a 2 decade long ethnic conflict. Inspite of sporadic incidents recently, tourists have never been targetted and the Country remains a " Paradise " for the discerning holiday maker. Many of our tourists are still holidaying in tropical, sunny Sri Lanka now (March 2007), inspite of the travel warnings given by their respective Countries. They say, ‘there is no really safe Country on earth and we want to enjoy our holiday'. Our excursions are designed with the safety of our valued guests being prioritized and we share a close rapport with local communities in all the areas we promote. To conclude, Sri Lanka is an extremely safe destination to travel and one of the most picturesque countries on earth.

What if people need to contact me in an emergency when I'm in Sri Lanka ?

Most of our chauffeurs can be reached via mobile phone. Most of the hotels you will be staying at too will have telephone facilities. We advice you to leave a copy of our contact numbers plus a copy of your itinerary, with appropriate friends or relatives at home prior to departure. Any messages we receive from them we will forward to you as soon as possible.

I have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Sri Lanka and wish to send you an email of thanks. Which email address can I use for this to receive the best attention? We always like to hear from you whether it is positive or negative. Please email to

How long do you take to provide an itinerary and quote for a tailor-made tour? Currently, our response time for a tailor-made tour is 3-5 working days. If you would like your answer sooner please let us know. Each request is dealt with exclusively to make sure your individual needs and comfort are met and to make sure you get the best holiday for your money. As a result, it can take time to prepare.

Do we have to travel with other holidaymakers or do we get our own vehicle? Yes, you will have your own vehicle and an experienced English speaking driver guide. Therefore, you will not be traveling with any other holidaymakers.

Are you a Sri Lanka based company?
Yes –

Are you contactable easily? Yes, you may contact us on phone (Hotline) or email. We prefer communicating with our guests through email as it is quick and economical and overcomes the time difference between Countries. All requests will be replied within 12-24 hrs if there is no holiday in between.

How easy will it be to get lunch on the tour? There are restaurants every few miles. However, our diver/guide will take you to the best restaurants catered for tourists in the area. At any time you wish to stop for a break please ask the driver/guide.

Do our belongings stay in the vehicle during the tours? Your luggage will be staying in your vehicle when traveling in between hotels. When necessary the driver will remain with the car.

Is my personal information that I provide to you safe?

Yes, we do not divulge your personal information to any third parties except if required by law.

Many companies talk of imagining their "perfect client". What is yours?

Anybody who loves Sri Lanka , or who has a passion for discovering new places of attraction. Anybody who trusts us and believes that anything we do is in their best interests and believes in working with us to make you an unforgettable holiday and to solve together any difficulties that may arise from time to time.

I notice you do not have ATOL bonding, Should I be worried?

No, ATOL protection only applies to passengers who purchase tickets in the UK . Our holidays are sold directly from Sri Lanka and our packages do not include airfare. Therefore we do not need ATOL bonding. Furthermore we cannot apply for ATOL since we currently do not have a UK registered office.

When is my holiday actually confirmed?

Once you receive our confirmation invoice and made the deposit payment your holiday is confirmed. We will send you additional information on receipt of the deposit.

How can I pay for my holiday?

(i) Bank transfers: For payment by bank transfer, the sender must pay all charges. You will require the following information: Bank name: . Acct no: . Name of account: Swift code: Bank Code:

Note: Customer should pay all bank charges.

Note: In all these cases, we levy no hidden charges such as booking fees.

Do you promote only certain hotels?

Yes, our choices are based on character, level or service and the prices. We also regularly evaluate newer properties and add them to our choice of hotels. We also endeavour to rotate our choice of hotels so that all those concerned get bookings from us. However if you have a choice of hotel we have no problems booking you in. In all cases we will negotiate the best rates for you.

Do you pre-book accommodation, in the way that many package-holiday companies do?

No, we do not pre book accommodation since we primarily deal with individual, family and small group holiday makers. We however will make reservations no sooner we receive word from you. We only send you the confirmation invoice once we receive confirmation from all of the hotels.

Do we have to 'book early'?

Yes, it is much better. During the Peak Season which is during Christmas and New Year, rooms are nearly impossible to find. Therefore we advice all our guests to make bookings at least 4 – 6 months prior to arrival for these particular seasons. In almost all cases the earlier you book the better rate you will get for your holiday.

What should I do if I have a medical condition that may need special assistance during my stay?

No problem, please inform us of any condition you may have any specific information from your doctor. We will then advice you accordingly and make the necessary arrangements for your holiday.

Is our booking confirmed even though we have not received any hotel vouchers? 

Yes, we don't send you hotel vouchers but your booking invoice is sufficient which specifies what hotels have been booked.

Can I drive my own car in Sri Lanka ?

Yes, only if you have good experience. In general we don't recommend you drive in Sri Lanka due to the careless driving of the majority.

Will we be met at the airport?

Yes, you will be welcomed by our Team Leader and chauffeur guide at any time of the day or night.

Do you recommend any shopping outlets?

We generally do not recommend any shops or outlets but our chauffeurs generally will take you to shops that are registered with the Sri Lanka Tourist Board. Please retain all receipts of purchase as this is the only document you have if you need to make a claim of any sort.

I'm looking for a low-season holiday to obtain the best prices?

June and early July are the best times to travel to make maximum use of the off season rates. November can offer good value for the West and South. Avoid Christmas, Easter and school summer holidays.

How much money should I carry with me?  

Our personal advice is to carry a small amount of cash (below USD 750.00 & STG pounds 500.00) and use your debit and credit cards for all transactions.

Do you like to publish some of our photo's on your website?

Yes, sure! Please send them over.

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